What Is a Mask N95?

mask n95

The mask N95 is a special type of nasal irrigation mask that is designed for quick and easy irrigations. It has been designed to provide maximum relief from the symptoms associated with congestion, such as sore throat, headache, and fever, and also has been approved by the FDA as being an effective means of treating such conditions. It is suitable for people with either weak or undeveloped reflexes.

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Using a standard saline solution, it works by drawing excess water out of the nasal passageways, thus reducing the amount of pressure exerted on the membranes. The pressure in the passageways can be very high when one has a cold or flu, which can cause inflamed mucous membranes to swell and press against the nose. It helps relieve this pressure through the increased circulation of the blood in the nose and throat areas. While it is important to keep the nasal cavities clear and free of congestion, the high pressure in the passageways can prevent normal drainage from occurring.


The mask can be worn as a single unit that provides complete relief of the pressure in the passageways, or can be used individually to provide targeted relief to different symptoms. While the mask provides immediate relief of symptoms, it also has other benefits, such as preventing the onset of serious complications from occurring, such as infection. It also helps prevent sinus infections from developing in people with weak or undeveloped reflexes. In addition to its numerous medical uses, it is also popular as a beauty item. Many people wear a mask like this daily, as they are able to refresh themselves quickly and achieve a new sense of cleanliness.

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