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Engineering is the application of mathematical principles to the design and construction of structures, machines, and objects, such as buildings, bridges, tunnels, streets, and vehicles. This science can be used in many different industries, but most commonly it finds its way into the building, architecture, and manufacturing industries. Engineers are responsible for the designs of buildings, bridges, tunnels, roads and vehicles. They test the strength and durability of these structures and design ways to prevent failure or damage. Other individuals who work under the authority of an engineer include architects, planners, contractors, surveyors, engineers, chemists, computer scientists, and technicians.

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A computer engineering degree program will usually start with a basic introduction to the field, followed by an overview of how engineering works, the types of jobs available, the types of engineering degrees offered at colleges and universities, and what the careers options are. Some of the classes offered may also include specific courses in structural, electrical and computer engineering, mechanical, chemical, and computer software engineering. In addition to learning the basics, students will learn the types of tests that they must pass before being able to take the test for their specific certification or degree.


After getting a basic understanding of the ins and outs of engineering, students then can pursue either a graduate or a doctoral degree in this field. The graduate degree often requires some additional study in the field to provide a stronger foundation in the knowledge and skills needed to be successful in the job they have chosen. For the doctorate degree, however, the student must have already completed an advanced computer engineering degree, as well as a strong background in one or more of the specific areas of this field that are of interest to the student. Many students choose to focus on one area of engineering, while others opt to combine the areas for a comprehensive, multi-faceted engineering career.

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