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pool inspectors

Pool inspectors are professionals who inspect swimming pools and hot tubs to determine whether they are safe to swim in and whether or not repairs and improvements are needed. If your pool has experienced a leak or other problem, it’s important that you take immediate action. If left undetected, a leak can threaten the safety of not only you but also any guests who may be using the pool. Fortunately, pool inspectors can help you assess the damage and recommend the best course of action. If your pool requires extensive repairs, such as replacing parts of the equipment or installing a new filter or pump, it’s best to let an inspector determine what it will cost to repair your pool.

How to Know About Pool Inspections

Pool inspectors will also inspect swimming pools and walkways around the property to see if safety measures are in place. Swimming pool inspections should include a thorough visual inspection of the pool area, including any steps, walkways around the property, pool water, surrounding trees, steps and other features leading up to the pool area. Pool inspectors should also examine drains and pipes for obstructions and leaks, as well as visually inspecting the pool from the ground up. If you live in an area where ground water is used for recreation (by golf clubs, tennis courts or other similar activities), pool inspectors should also check the quality of the water to make sure it is of good quality and doesn’t contain harmful bacteria and chemicals. These are especially important in more rural areas where chemicals may be used for irrigation or for treating the water.

Finally, pool inspectors should inspect the diving boards and other equipment installed at the edge of the pool. These include any steps or railing near the diving boards, and the location of the ladder leading to them. They should also inspect the lighting in the area, which may not be performing up to standards, as well as the safety railing around the diving boards. It’s important that pool inspectors closely inspect any landscaping near the pool and on or near the property, particularly trees and bushes. Trees and bushes can potentially fall into the pool, posing serious or even fatal dangers to swimmers.

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