How To Identify The Best Services for Pest Control In Memphis

Best pest control Memphis is a major industry in the State of Tennessee. The number of residential and commercial properties for sale has significantly risen since the mid 1990’s when pest control companies all but disappeared from the scene. Although many major pest control companies have since come back to offer services to property owners and operators, Memphis still has the highest rate of pest extermination requests to its residents of any metropolitan area in the United States. The issue that has prompted an increase in Memphis pest control requests over the last couple of years is that while bed bugs were largely eliminated from the city in the past; their cousins, cockroaches, are here once again and appear to be taking up residence in homes and commercial properties all over the metropolitan area.

Pest Control Memphis – How to Choose the Best Pest Management Company?

A common symptom to be aware of if you plan to hire a local pest control company to remove pests from your home or business premises in Memphis, Tennessee is a strong musty odor on surfaces that may be unoccupied or used for some time by non-residents. Another symptom to be on the lookout for is thick or discolored residue on mattresses, furniture, walls, upholstery, up siding and wooden doors. As mentioned earlier, some companies that advertise themselves as professional pest control experts will use high-pressure methods or insecticides as a way of exterminating bed bugs and cockroaches in Memphis. This method is indiscriminate, is not safe for you or your family and is also more expensive than necessary. High-pressure spray methods will kill roaches and bed bugs immediately after they are sprayed, but these methods are extremely harmful to pets and young children who may accidentally swallow the insecticide mist.

If you are planning to use high-pressure treatment, be sure that you have no pets and children in the house or apartment that you intend to treat with the pesticide. If you are using a “spray and kill” method, make sure that there are no leaky pipes in your house and that the area is well ventilated. The best option is to call a professional pest control company in Memphis that specializes in bed bugs. You can contact them by phone or email to discuss your situation in detail and learn about the best methods to take care of infestations in your home or in the neighborhood.

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