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Why Use a Northshore Moving Company?Why Use a Northshore Moving Company?

Northshore Moving Company was established just over a year ago. Since that time our local movers have been helping thousands of people every single day with everything from house shifting to the car moving. From start to finish, we eliminate the stress of your move with our skilled local movers, packing & storage, and long distance moving.

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“Northshore moving company was the first company I went to in 2021. My wife and I were in need of expert moving assistance to help us with the large move we had to do. I wish we would have known about Northshore Moving sooner, we would have been in different hands a lot longer. We ended up staying in the same house for over a year-and-a-half, while the new owners searched for a new home for us. Northshore moved the belongings for us in under a week.”

“When we found out about the moving company, we were impressed by all the features they offered. We ended up liking the fact that they didn’t try to take advantage of us and charged fair prices. We found it easy to trust them and they helped us with so many things, we didn’t even realize it. They have a moving motto that says, ‘do the unexpected, we will be there,’ that is what has kept us going through the tough times when moving would have proved to be much easier.