A Guide to Drysuit Repair

If you own a dry suit, it’s highly likely that you will occasionally want to wear it and then make the repairs and replacements. While many people tend to disregard drysuit repair when they first break, it is an important maintenance process that needs to be done regularly to keep your drysuit looking new. If you need to preserve your drysuit for the longest amount of time possible, think about these important drysuit maintenance and repair tips from underwater diving professionals. Even if you are not a drysuit repair expert, you can easily fix tears, holes, and various other minor problems that you might find on your garment as long as you take the proper tools with you.


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First, if you notice that one of your grommets has become loose or doesn’t line up with your collar, remove it and carefully slide it toward the shoulder on the opposite side of the harness so that the seam between the two holes is even. Next, use your fingers to push the grommet up and toward the shoulder as far as possible before releasing it. Be sure to replace drysuit wrist seals as you go so that they line up properly with your collar. This simple process should take you no more than ten minutes, but depending on how heavy your drysuit is, you might spend more or less time doing it.

Before you begin your drysuit repair or replacement job, make sure that you’re wearing a life-preserver necklace which is designed to provide pressure support for divers in case of a leak. Before you put your drysuit back together, make sure that you remove the pressure band from underneath your drysuit by unzipping the straps. If you do not have a pressure band, simply make sure that your drysuit has the pressure support intact so that you will not need a lifesaver necklace to keep you from drowning in the ocean.

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